1. Introduction

Hello world

My name is Miss Poppy, I am a shih tzu girl living in a small village in the north of Belgium. I already have a blog but as I speak Flemish not a lot of people understand what I am trying to tell.

Don’t bother trying “google translate”, because this so called program should be doing something (I still haven’t figured out what), but it is in no way translating my attempts to win next year’s nobel price for literature !  

And please, if I make hilarious mistakes or write down utterly stupid things, don't keep it to yourselves, share it, so we all can have a good laugh ! But don’t forget to tell me, you know I am always trying to improve on my language skills and any help is more than welcome !!!! 

As my blog already exists for more than 4 years, I will first tell you a bit about us and how The Daily Tail got started.

Did I already mention that I live in Belgium and (it would surprise me, but anyway) if you want to have an idea where we live, just click on the link and you can see some pictures. When you scroll down (almost near the bottom) to the picture that says "zicht in de hoogstraatsebaan", well half way on the left is my house.  

Big Hug !!

Miss Poppy



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