2. About us - part 1

My name is Miss Poppy, a shih tzu and editor in chief of this blog.  

I ♥ my blog

I ♥ my “egg baby’s”

I ♥ toys, toys and more toys (I have a room full of them) !

I ♥ my garden where I can chase cats (not allowed by mom) and birdies (also not allowed by mom) or my little sister Lily (mom has no comments … that never happened before !)

I ♥♥♥♥ treats (especially since I’m on a rigorous diet)

About 4 years ago mom went to a local breeder, looking for a black & white male shih tzu puppy and drove home with me, an adorable chocolate fuzzball !

Early 2010 year we had bit of a scare when the yearly check up at the vet, ended up in an emergency surgery to remove struvite bladder stones. Six months later followed by a second emergency surgery for calcium oxalate stones. Now about one year later, I am “stone free” !! The downside of it is the yucky prescription diet food that mom puts in my bowl every morning … ah well, I learned to live with it, mostly because starvation was no option, I love my tummy well filled. Mom says it costs her an arm and a leg, can anyone explain to me what she means by that ? Because if she’s telling the truth, she should have no arms or legs left by now …

My favorite toy ? The one still waiting in the shop for mom to buy it for me !!

The following individuals might also appear in The Daily Tail:

Liliane, neighbor across the road, makes sure we have a daily sanitary break and outdoor play time when mom’s working.

Bernd, Liliane’s husband, whenever I feel like playing rough, he’s the man ! He’s extremely strong, he can pick up Lily with one hand ! (mom says I should not joke about Lily’s weight on line) and he can repair the outdoor light whenever it breaks down and all that with just one arm !!! Superman, you’ve got competition man !

Jacko, our neighbor’s budgie who comes to stay with us when they are on holiday. He’s a crazy little bird and he talks !!

Oma, that’s grandma. She comes and helps mom in the garden regularly. Mom’s got a bad back, so oma takes care of the lawn and other garden stuff.

The Aunties.  I’ve got three of them. First there is Marianne, she’s the mom of my favorite nephew Lars. I was the one that convinced him that you should not be afraid of doggies as long as you don’t hurt them ! Then there is Auntie Ingrid who can do magic ! Yep, she can read with her fingers, braille it’s called ! Wicked !! And then there’s Auntie Joan, she’s got the biggest cat in the world called Peanut !

To be continued !!

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