3. about us - part 2


Christmas 2007, Santa left me something under the Christmas tree, a baby shih tzu sister, Tiger Lily. She loves food, just about any food as long as it is more or less chewable. Last season’s favorite treats were about 5 pairs of flip flops.

Our Lily has a “gas” problem, and believe me, sometimes it can get really bad.  No matter what “enters” her “huge” body, a most unpleasant and extremely strong “perfume” will leave her body, back or front end …

She was born with an umbilical hernia, the surgery to repair it did not succeed, so she goes through life with what we call a “reset button” on her tummy.

Unlike me, Lily has a favorite toy, a little clown called Peter, he never leaves her side so he spend his life being dragged around where ever Lily goes. The result, well by now Peter has lost both his arms, his nose, part of his t-shirt and his ears. When mom brought him home as Lily’s puppy toy, he used to be bright pink and yellow, by now he has a indefinable brownish complexion.

Tiger Lily <-> Peter ??? Don’t tell me you never heard of the story of Peter Pan ? Or about the Indian Princess called Tiger Lily who had a bit of crush on Peter Pan ? Mom and books, books, books ...

One more episode to go !

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