4. about us - part 3 - the final episode


And then there is mom, she’s old, she’s going to be (I am not allowed to write this down so .. 100/4*2) next year.

She’s the one who brings home the money, she says she works her butt off to let me and Lily lead this life of luxury. I don’t believe her, she's a liar !! Because if she was telling the truth, her butt would be a lot smaller than it is right now !

I don’t like it that she has to go out every morning, but she’s got a really nice boss. He gives her lots of vacation time and even let her go home around 3 pm, so we still can have quality play time every day.

She’s the financial controller in a pharmaceutical production company who makes veterinary medicines and has 2 plants in Belgium, one in the U.K. and a few new ones that will open soon in Algeria and Tanzania.

She loves to read, listen to music and watch movies and she adores us.

BUT !!! She has a compulsive buying urge when there’s a handbag involved … And not the cheap stuff, oh no, expensive one’s, I know this because they take a big bite out of the toy-buying-budget !!

Next time, a bit of going back in time and telling you how The Daily Tail started it's life in this blog-world.


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