7. The Prequel - part 2


 The guard dog issue turned out to be a big mistake. Woody liked any one who came into our house.

prequel 2 0.JPG

He was world champion in "air-barking", not a sound came out of his little mouth. So mom decided that an extra lock on the garden gate and the back door would be a pretty good attempt to keep burglars outside. Later on she would hope that in case the bad guy did manage to get into the house, he would end up suffering the same fate as she did and break his leg on one of the Woodster’s toys or dog beds !

prequel 2 2.JPG


 Well the years went on, Woody had his paws full with saving mom from doing stupid or dangerous things. He got pretty good at it too, but nevertheless he could not protect mom from breaking her leg when falling over one of his toys (remember my remark on the burglar thing) ! Nor could he prevent that she, in a genuine Quentin tarantino style, almost cut off her little pinky when slicing some tomato's for supper ! 


prequel  2 1.JPG


 About 3 years after Woody moved into our home/life, one night mom felt a lump just under his jaw bone. Do I have to tell you this caused a bit of a panic ? Am I a drama queen ? No of course not ! It caused a huge panic attack ! He was raced to the vet, the next day she performed a biopsy and had the sample sent to the medical lab straightaway and then a few days later, well it felt like the end of the world, Woody was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Our vet and mom discussed the possibilities, the treatments, his life expectancy and most of all his life quality. But let’s not forget the huge bill that would come with it. But as you could have guessed, the next week mom and Woody went for the first of their weekly chemo therapy treatment trips to our vet, about another 150 would follow.


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