8. The prequel - part 3


He did respond well to the treatment ! Okay, at one point, he lost almost all of beautiful furry coat


prequel 3 0.jpg


but, don't worry, it grew back. He put on (a lot of) weight because of the steroids he had to take. He had to take an extra pill just to make him not feel too sick from taking the first or the second or the third. But this incredible brave hero (that's how our vet called Woody) did not growl or bite once when our vet injected him yet another time. And if things got too bad for him, he always found comfort in his trusty fluffy toy, Eeyoor. 


prequel 3 1.jpg


 All this medication finally got him renal problems so he had to go on a diet. Unfortunately he did not like the prescription food so mom looked around and finally found a (people’s) dietician who was prepared to draw up a schedule which would help keep Woody’s problem under control. In the mean time a lot of his regular medication was changed to homeopathic treatments. As the options for new treatments narrowed, mom had the idea of starting a blog in the hope she would find someone who could help her in finding new solutions for Wood’s problem. And that was the birth of "The Daily Tail" !



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