9. The prequel - part 4


Early 2007, soon after Woody wrote his first posts on his very own blog, mom found an ad from a breeder not so far away from where we live, announcing the birth of shih Tzu pups. As mom is a believer in the theory that one doggy can teach the other doggy how to behave as a good pup, she was just this little bit tempted to make sure Woody could still give his "wisdom" to a new arrival ! And as Bobo had passed away a few months earlier after reaching the respectable age of 18 years, the time for a new puppy had arrived ! ENTER ME ! Miss Poppy, the one and only ! 


prequel 4 0.JPG

We became friends from the first time we met !

prequel 4 2.JPG

 By that time, Woody regularly suffered from severe eye infections. And as he only had just the one eye, this meant that now and again he could not see a thing. At these moments I would try not to bother my big brother too much, but just keep an eye on him.


prequel 4 1.JPG

But as soon as mom got home and cleaned out Woody’s eye, he was the first to start teasing me and it was play time again ! He really, really never gave up !


prequel 4 3.JPG


But, we all knew it was going to happen one day, and on July 31st 2007, his little body gave up. That morning, Mom came down, feeling something was wrong. Woody, with all the strength that was left in his battered body, looked up at mom and then she knew. Mom called our vet and she rushed over to our place. Half an hour later, Woody was no longer with us.




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