11. Mom's pets through the years - part 1


Hello !

And as promised, I will give you now an idea of mom's pets throughout the years. 

The fact that mom would love doggies, started at an early age. I know ! She obviously was to young to know how to hold a puppy properly and not choke the tiny thing !

pet a.JPG

Later in life came a sweet little Cocker Spaniel puppy named Snoopy. One day she walked by a pet store and she noticed this little beauty in the window. Indeed, these were still the horrible days when pet store sold puppies and kittens instead of toys, dog beds and delicious treats ! As you might notice, by now she knew more or less how to handle doggies.

snoopy pup.jpg

A few months later mom heard about a farmer in the neighborhood who's cat had another litter and he was going to drown the kittens. Of course she hurried to the farm and brought home Sammy. On the way home, she wondered how this tiny kitten in the cardboard box on her lap could be so heavy ... Well it turned out that 2/3 of that weight consisted of millions of flees ! The kitten got the full treatment and grew up to be a sturdy cat of about 25 lbs ! On the picture he's still a kitten and is teasing his partner in crime, Snoopy.

pet snoopy sammy.jpg

Much later in life, enter Bobo, the black persian and his halfbrother Ziggy. 

Bobo lived with mom for 18 years !!

pet bobo.JPG 

Ziggy was the laziest cat in the world and unfortunately so were his bowels.

pet ziggy.jpg

He was only about 5 when the vet noticed that his bowels were paralyzed and no treatment was possible.

As these past years, were definitely mom's kitten years, luckily she realized that doggies are just as much fun, so Benson, the Great Dane, came to live with her.

pet benson.jpg

Alright ! He's still a tiny baby in this picture, but man, did he get big !!

As you all know, mom is old, so I guess a "pets - part 2" would be best !

Big Hug from yours truly,

Miss Poppy


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