5. a horror story ...

Good morning !!!

My name is Lily and I am Miss Poppy's younger sister. Now and then I will take over here, not a lot, because I am extremely lazy and blogging is a real tough job !

This blogpost is really a call for help ... last week we went to the groomers and mom asked Lieve (that's my groomer's name) to cut the ears real short, because mom thinks I look real cute then, but guess what happened ????

Lieve turned me into a monster !!! Maybe she was already thinking of halloween ...

1 oor.JPG

She cut off one of ears !!!!

So, my dearest Lieve, GIVE ME BACK MY EAR !! Mom is already complaining that I seem to be deaf whenever she's calling me.

(she's so wrong, but don't tell her ...)

High (stinky) Paws !!



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