6. The prequel - part 1


And then there was Woody !!

 Our mom moved from the city to the country side in 1999 (way before I was born) because she was looking for some peace, quietness and a safer place to live. With her came Bobo, a black Persian kitty cat. He was deeply disgusted by the move and there was no way of getting him to go outside. Oh no! All that dirt made him feel yucky or he might get wet feet from the grass or maybe because he was a bit of a loner and he was not entirely convinced that the backyard was "kitty-free-country"... a crybaby if you want my opinion.

prequel 1 1.jpg

 Did I mention that mom was looking for a safer place to live? Well, a few months later bad people tried to get into our house ... So mom decided that a guard dog would have to be added to the family, the sooner, the better! She started looking around and her mind was more or less set on a Labrador doggy. But when she found out how much a doggy like that would cost (almost $2000), she quickly changed her plan and contacted our vet to see if she would know of a doggy, no matter what breed, that was available for adoption. 

That same week our vet called mom, telling her she had a tiny little puppy, a Shih Tzu, ready for adoption. Bear in mind, these were the dark ages, access to the world wide web was limited, mom never ever heard of a breed called shih Tzu, so she called one of her younger sisters, Auntie Joan, a genuine computer freak, and asked her to look it up on the internet. Mom's first reaction.. OH NO CERTAINLY NOT MY KIND OF DOGGY ! Our vet also told mom that if she could not find someone to adopt him soon, the breeder had asked her to euthanize the pup, because he did not wanted this "defective" pup on his high standard litter's pedigree. Mom being a softie, decided that taking a look at the pup, could do no harm and would certainly not mean that she was going to adopt him ! Did I mention what was wrong with the puppy ? No ? Well he was born with just 1 eye ! Don't tell me you've got no clue of what happened next !! Of course mom brought the little devil home ! Meet WOODY ! What just one puppy eye can do to change the mind of a very decisive mom !

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To be continued !

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