10. The prequel - part 5


Well, it’s not really true, I mean that he is really gone, because he will always be with us. A month before this dreadful day, mom took him to the local photo studio and had his picture taken.

prequel 5 4.JPG

A huge enlargement hangs on the wall in our sitting room.

woody foto popart.JPG

His favorite cuddly toy, his Eeyore, still sits on the book shelf. Mom talks to Eeyore every day.

prequel 5 3.JPG

Did you notice where Eeyore's sitting in ? Sooo cool !!

prequel 5 2.JPG

As you probably would have guessed, each one of us has a personal bowl !!

prequel 5 1.JPG

 But all this left us with a bit of a situation, we were in an urgent need of someone to take care of Woody’s blog … I was young, very young, but I was also an real ambitious little doggy, not afraid of anyone or anything and still having to meet this one person who was going to stop me in whatever I wanted to achieve (mom’s still trying) !  

So that’s how I, MISS POPPY, became editor in chief of The DAILY TAIL !! 

 If by now there is still one person left reading this … a final thought ... we really had tough times during Woody’s treatment, but we also had so much fun, laughs and sweet memories. Mom keeps repeating that if she has to do this over again, she would do it without any hesitation ! Even knowing now that the whole thing costs her something in the region of an average car …

Next time ... mom's pets !

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